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In Connection, you can realize various joys (sales increase, delivery time improvement, work reduction, replacement frequency reduction, etc.) by plating. Please feel free to contact us.


Plating reduces the frequency of parts replacement!


In rust, iron atoms lose electrons and become ionized due to the interaction between water and the local battery on the surface of the iron material, and dissolve in the water to ferric hydroxide Fe (OH) 3, ferric hydroxide Fe (OH) 2, or It produces red rust whose main component is ferrous carbonate Fe (CO) 3.

By plating, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of rust, protect the base material from corrosion, and as a result, reduce the frequency of parts replacement, which can significantly reduce parts costs and work costs.


Power consumption is reduced by plating! (Low friction coefficient / wear resistance)


The friction coefficient is lowered and the lubricity is improved by performing a plating process with high film slidability.

According to JIS, wear resistance is a phenomenon in which mechanical scratching of a metal surface that moves relative to each other, metallic adhesion, etc. are combined to wear the surface, and it is said to have the property of withstanding this.

Plating treatment reduces operating power consumption due to its low friction coefficient and wear resistance, leading to cost reduction and work efficiency improvement.


Man-hours reduced by plating! (Delivery time shortened by plating)


By increasing the uniformity of the plating film, the polishing process after plating can be reduced, and by reducing the process of shortening the delivery time, the use of electricity and materials can be reduced, and environmentally friendly production can be achieved.


Plating can be reprocessed and reused!


The plating film can be reprocessed even if it is used and cannot be used due to performance deterioration or wear of the plating film.

By reprocessing, there is no need to reprocess, production costs and time can be reduced, and environmentally friendly manufacturing becomes possible.


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