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Details of galvanizing (chromate)

Galvanization (various chromate treatment)

Compliant with RoHS regulations (IEC62321 analysis results)

The reason why galvanization is excellent as a rust preventive film for iron and steel substrates is that zinc is electrochemically positive for the iron substrate, and the iron substrate is exposed due to film defects (scratches, cracks, pinholes, etc.). Even if it is, zinc itself has the property of sacrificing corrosion and preventing the formation of red rust on iron.

Galvanization has been a rapidly popular plating process since it was proven to be relatively inexpensive and the durability of zinc-plated and colored chromate-treated products applied to weapons during World War II in the 1940s.

Galvanized films are rarely used as they are plated, and are often used as finished products only after chromate treatment.

Therefore, the current situation is that the recognition as a post-treatment of chromate = zinc plating is low.

Zinc plating is a treatment that not only gives a beautiful appearance by chromate treatment, but also significantly improves color resistance.

There are colored chromate (chromate), glossy chromate (unichrome), black chromate, green chromate, etc. in the chromate film, and they are used properly for the purpose of corrosion resistance.

We can choose between hexavalent chromate and trivalent chromate.

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Film characteristics

[Film hardness] Hv60-120

[Standard film thickness] 5 to 10 μm

Processable material

Iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper / copper alloys and other metal materials,

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Processable size

It can process up to 4000 x 1000 x 500 mm.

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Q. PTFEにエッチング処理を行いたいのですが対応可能でしょうか?

A. PTFEへのエッチング処理対応可能です。



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