Silver mirror film "Clear Silva" treatment

Silver mirror film is a method that industrially applies the silver mirror reaction to form a pure silver film on the surface of the material without using electrical energy. The silver mirror reaction is an old technology that imparts high-grade design without using harmful metals.

It is processed by a spray method like painting.

Features of the silver mirror film "Clear Silva"

① Compatible with various materials

We can handle not only metals (iron, SUS, copper, copper alloy, aluminum, etc.) but also resin materials, but in the case of resin materials, it may not be possible to ensure adhesion, so if you can prepare scraps etc. in advance. We will do a preliminary test.

② A wide variety of colors can be expressed

The base is silver, but by coloring it on it, it is possible to express various colors with metallic luster.

We have 9 existing colors available, but you can also adjust the toning and shade of the color, so you can express your desired image.

③ Protects the film from impact

By applying a natural healing coat as a top coat, the film is protected from impacts such as stepping stones.

④ Reliable 4-layer coat

It is a 4-layer coat with a base of 20 to 25 μm, a pure silver film of 0.1 μm, a protective film of 20 μm, and a top coat of 20 μm. A total of 80 μm thick film protects the material from corrosion and scratches.

※ processing can respond in clear silver in ABS resin parts that have been produced in 3D printers.


Voices from customers after the construction of "Clear Silva"

Now that the parts have been installed, we will send you a photo.

The impression of black to gold is quite different, and I am very satisfied.


Color variation of silver mirror film "Clear Silva"


Processable size of silver mirror film "Clear Silva"

If it is a plate material, we have a track record of supporting up to about 1500 mm in length.

* Please feel free to contact us regarding possible sizes as it depends on the shape.





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