Anti-corrosion film "toughness" treatment

The rust preventive film "Toughness" is characterized by long-term corrosion resistance.

Not only does it last a long time, but it does not come off because an alloy layer is formed between the material and the plating film.

Details of rust preventive film "Toughness"


① Does not rust

Self-sacrificing anti-corrosion function, corrosion resistance in the course of rust and corrosion

Hot-dip galvanizing about 20 times more corrosion resistance

② Can not be peeled off

An alloy layer is formed between the base material and the plating film, and the film does not come off.

③ Prevention of electrolytic corrosion

There is no need to consider galvanic corrosion (electrolytic corrosion) in the combination of dissimilar metals such as the framework (aluminum) of outdoor building materials and mounting brackets (stainless steel).

④ Corresponds to the RoHS directive

Does not contain harmful substances such as "mercury" and "lead".

[Usage example]

Equipment used in the sea such as cages (significant reduction in maintenance)

Joining parts for pedestals such as solar panels (preventing electrolytic corrosion from bolts and nuts)

Bolt relations in salt-damaged areas


Processable material

The processing is limited to iron materials.

Processable size

A size that fits in a φ350✕200 (mm) basket.
420 ✕ 420 ✕ 450 mm for plate materials
Each piece weighs less than 2 kg.
Screw products such as bolts and nuts are M8 or above.

* For sizes other than the above, please consult us separately.





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