Connection vision

Thank you for your interest in us. Here is our vision and what we are doing with it. In addition, we will describe the reason why it is selected by many companies.



Clients are happy
-For society-

By utilizing the characteristics of plating, we will move to realize warehouse cost cut costs by reducing power consumption, working hours, work man-hours, and delivery time.

Vendor is happy
-For people-

By arranging materials and requesting work from our vendors, we are happy to increase the sales of vendors! We are proposing.

We are happy

--For myself--

By making our clients and vendors happy, we will also increase sales, and we will realize the joy of connecting and growing with each company.

Realize your joy with plating


Efforts toward vision

Corresponding to trading companies

(1) Ability to select surface treatment manufacturers

(Each manufacturer has its own weaknesses depending on the content of the surface treatment. Select the manufacturer that is good at it according to the purpose.)

(2) Ability to propose surface treatments not only for plating but also for painting, coating, heat treatment, etc.

(3) We will promptly solve problems that occur at cooperating manufacturers based on our knowledge and experience as a plating processing manufacturer, and take measures to prevent recurrence together with cooperating manufacturers.

R & D / prototype


(1) Challenge power (We will respond to development projects and prototype projects that are refused by other plating manufacturers.)

(2) Technical capabilities (more than 20 years of experience and technical capabilities that support a wide range of applications such as light electrical equipment, decoration, automobiles, semiconductors, and industrial parts)

(3) Comprehensive power (Providing prototypes that combine not only wet plating but also IP, painting, coating, etc.)

Plating manufacturer consulting


(1) Training of new employees (We will train knowledgeable employees while providing support such as acquiring qualifications such as electroplating technicians.)

(2) Problem solving (For chronic problems and sudden problems at the manufacturer, we will support the investigation of the cause of the problem and countermeasures as an expert.)

(3) We will spread what the management is thinking about, such as improvement at the work site and improvement of work efficiency, to the site level.

Achievements 4 companies (a certain storage medium manufacturer, a certain industrial plating processing company, a certain decorative plating processing company, a certain industrial plating processing manufacturer)

Mass production


① Speed (We will respond so that we can deliver as fast as one day and as fast as one hour.)

(2) Supports small-lot, high-mix (also supports small-lot, high-mix semiconductor-related manufacturing equipment)

(3) Defect handling (If a defect occurs in quality, etc., the problem will be resolved promptly and the cause of the problem will be pursued.)


Company profile


Origin of the company name

The connection of Connection Co., Ltd. was named with the meaning of "valuing the connection". We will try to make our customers smile, connect with our partner companies and suppliers, and make connections with our customers.


Make your joy with plating

Thank you for visiting our site. I worked for a plating company for more than 20 years, and during that time I experienced manufacturing departments and technical departments and became independent. At Connection, our vision is to make you happy with plating. We will continue to devote ourselves to creating joy from plating for many people. From now on, we shall strive for good relations.

Connection Representative Director Masataka Akimoto

Born in Fukui prefecture in 1977.

After graduating from Fukui High School attached to Fukui University of Technology in 1995, he joined a plating company specializing in light electrical equipment.

Engaged in the new development and mass production of plating processing for hinge parts of folded mobile phones.

It's a few other prototype conditions-mass production.

Joined a certain industrial plating company in 2003 as a senior researcher.

Engaged in various new development, mass production, production line management, ISO9001 management manager, etc.

I spent my life as a smooth sailing office worker, but I am aiming to become a manager

March 2018 Launch of Connection

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