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Q. What is alkaline degreasing cleaning?

A. Alkaline degreasing cleaning is a method of removing oil (cutting oil, press oil, etc.) adhering to the product.

Alkaline degreasing produces water-soluble soap by combining alkali and saponifying fats and oils. Solvent degreasing by this saponification

The method to do is alkaline degreasing.

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Q. What is diffusion processing?

A. A method of creating a surface layer by diffusing another metal or non-metal onto the underlying surface.

In electroplating, heat treatment for alloying or forming an intermetallic compound between a film and a base metal, or between two or more films.

For example, in a product that is gold-plated after electroless nickel-plating, the nickel plating diffuses from the pinholes (macroscopic holes) of the gold-plated film, forming a nickel-plated layer on the surface.

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Q. What is the ferroxyl reaction?

A. We do not call it a ferroxyl reaction, but there is a pinhole test called a ferroxyl test.

A pinhole is a hole that penetrates a small film that looks like a hole made with a needle.

It is called perforation.

Corrosion resistance depends on the presence or absence of such pinholes and the number of holes in plating.

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Q. What is plating diffusion?

A. What is diffusion processing?

a) A method of diffusing another metal or non-metal on the underlying surface to create a surface layer b) In electroplating, to form an alloying or intermetallic compound between a film and a base metal, or between two or more films. Heat treatment.

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