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We would like to introduce the contents of inquiries regarding the availability of plating, materials and sizes.

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Q. We are considering ozone-resistant and UV-resistant coatings on the material of A5052.

If you have a recommended coating, we would appreciate it if you could propose it.

A. The material of A5052 is an ozone-resistant and UV-resistant coating, so I think PFA coating is suitable.

We can also process PFA coating.

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Q. Is it possible to perform PFA coating + precision cleaning after electroless nickel plating to prevent contamination of aluminum alloy materials?

A. Electroless nickel plating, PFA coating, and precision cleaning are all available as a part.

We will pack and ship it in a clean room.

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Q. Is it possible to handle everything from SPCC materials to matte black baking finish?

A. The above processing is available. If you send us the drawing, we will confirm the availability of production.


Q. Regarding titanium products, we are considering whether they can be plated or painted. Is it possible to consult with us? As an image, I would like to create a luxurious shade of black.

A. We have confirmed the content of the consultation.

We can process both plating and painting on titanium material.

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Q. Is it possible to support nylon coating? Details are unknown at this time.

A. Nylon coating We can respond to inquiries.

Nylon (PA) coating is widely handled as immersion coating and electrostatic coating, and is a field with many users.

Please feel free to contact us.

There are two types of PA, PA "11" and "12".

We only support "black".

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Q. Is it possible to apply PVC coating (gray color) to SECC (bonded steel sheet) of Φ380 x 300?

A. PVC coating (gray color) is available in terms of size.

Our PVC coating is PVC gray, semi-hard, RoHs II compatible.

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Q. Is it possible to apply Velas coat coating, ceramic coating, and enamel coating to 88.6 x 1733 SECC (bonded steel plate)?

A. Only ceramic coating is available, but it is possible.

There is no problem with the size and material, but the film thickness is within 30 μm and the color is black only.

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Q. I am considering a fluorine coating (PFA coat) on electroless nickel plating.

Is it possible?

A. PFA coating treatment on electroless nickel plating is available.

Of course, electroless nickel is also available, so please contact us.


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