Functional sex surface treatment

For those who want to apply plating (surface treatment) but do not know which plating (surface treatment) should be applied.

Introducing recommended plating (surface treatment) for each application of Connection.

Corrosion resistance
In rust, iron atoms lose electrons and become ionized due to the interaction between water and the local battery on the surface of the iron material, and dissolve in the water to ferric hydroxide Fe (OH) 3, ferric hydroxide Fe (OH) 2, or It produces red rust whose main component is ferrous carbonate Fe (CO) 3.
Surface treatment prevents the formation of rust and protects the base material from corrosion.
Wear and lubricity
The material cannot be hardened by plating, but it is possible to increase the surface strength by plating with high film hardness.
Wear resistance is improved by increasing the surface hardness.
According to JIS, wear resistance is a phenomenon in which mechanical scratching of a metal surface that moves relative to each other, metallic adhesion, etc. are combined to wear the surface, and it is said to have the property of withstanding this.
Insulation means making it difficult to conduct electricity.
If iron parts are also covered with an insulating film, it will be difficult for electricity to pass through.
By treating it with metal, it is possible to impair the flow of electricity like a resistor and prevent corrosion such as electrolytic corrosion.
Antifouling property is a function to prevent dirt.
It is hard to get dirty and can be easily removed even if it gets dirty.
By preventing the adhesion of various substances, it is effective in preventing contamination of molds and the like.

I want to change the current color to a color with originality.
We will respond to requests such as expressing various colors such as red, blue, and black instead of simple silver and gold.
By making the surface soft instead of hard, it has the characteristics obtained by the soft film such as impact resistance and scratch prevention.

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