Details of Ni-P / PTFE composite plating

Ni-P / PTFE composite plating is an electroless plating film based on metal (Ni-P), so it is characterized by a higher film hardness than coating films such as Teflon coating (fluorine coating). In addition, even if the film is scraped, the PTFE is evenly dispersed in the film, so it is possible to maintain the characteristics until new PTFE appears on the surface layer and the plating film disappears.

It is sometimes called Nimflon, Kaniflon, Nimtech, etc., but Nimflon is the drug name of Uyemura & Co., Ltd., Kaniflon is the drug name of Japan Kanigen Co., Ltd., and Nimtech is the product name of Shimizucho Metal Plating Co., Ltd. We are here. Both chemicals are the same Teflon electroless composite plating chemicals, but their performance is slightly different due to the slight difference in the composition of the chemicals.

If you have specified a drug name, please let us know when you contact us.

[Adoption example]

Injection molding nozzles, rubber molding dies, resin molding dies, food machine blades, chutes, hinges, liquid crystal film manufacturing equipment,

Widely used for seat belt parts.



ポリテトラフルオロエチレン (polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE) とはテトラフルオロエチレンの重合体で、フッ素原子と炭素原子のみからなるフッ素樹脂(フッ化炭素樹脂)でテフロン (Teflon) の商品名で知られています。


[Teflon electroless nickel plating cross-section observation]




It is a cross-sectional image of Ni-P / PTFE composite plating.

What looks like a black cavity in the film is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) particles, and the other parts are Ni-P metal films.

The average particle size of the particles is 0.2 μm

The general film thickness of Ni-P / PTFE composite plating is 10 μm.

(Actual film thickness: minimum 1 μm to maximum 30 μm)

[Teflon electroless nickel plating water repellent test]

Composite materials other than PTFE

Tungsten, ceramics, SiC, diamond, carbon, etc. are available.

Please contact us if you have a desired composite material other than the above.


JIS H8615 stipulates electroless nickel-phosphorus plating of effective surfaces applied to iron, steel and non-ferrous metal substrates for the purpose of corrosion resistance and wear resistance.





素材   :SUS304



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