Connection of proven material, plating film

At Connection, we have many achievements in plating various materials and plating films that are not so major.

Please contact us for materials and plating films (plating) that are not listed.

[Achievement material: Metal material]

High Speed ​​Steel Super Invar (36% Nickel on Iron)
Carbide Star Silent (D2052)
Cobalt Kovar (Fe-Ni-Co)
Cermet (Cemented Carbide) Particle Molybdenum Tungsten
PZT (lead zirconate titanate)
Zinc Diecast Forsterite (Magnesium Orthosilicate)
Lead vanadium bismuth tellurium neodymium magnet

Nickel silver (copper / zinc / nickel alloy)
Corson copper
Chromium copper tellurium copper beryllium copper

[Achievement material: Resin material]

AES resin
PEN film
ABS resin (plating grade)
POM (Polypenco Acetal)
Nylon carbon sheet


[Achievement material: Other]

Alumina ceramic (99.5%)
Clear Serum Ceramic Porous Titanate Ceramic Nitriding Alumina Ceramics Ceramics (Macelite HSP)
Si70% / Alumina 20% Ceramics

Mica glass tube Quartz glass, non-alkali glass

[Special plating film (plating)]

Permalloy (Ni-Fe)
Cobalt plating
Sn-Ni alloy plated iron plated porous nickel non-cracked chrome plated iridium
Ni-PW alloy plating
Co-P alloy plating Nickel-carbon composite plating

Silver chloride treatment


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