Palladium nickel plating

Palladium is a noble metal with a melting point of 1555 ° C, a density of 12.16 g / cm3, a Vickers hardness of HV250-400, and a face-centered cubic structure, and has excellent thermal and chemical stability.

By alloying 20 to 50 mass% of nickel, a plating film that is hard and has excellent malleability and has excellent corrosion resistance with few defects such as pinholes can be obtained.

Palladium-nickel alloy plating (Pd 70%: Ni 30%)

Before nickel was regulated as an allergen in EU countries, it was widely used for white finish decorations on watches and eyeglass frames. It is still used for surface treatment of electrical contacts as an alternative to hard gold plating.

Since the alloy composition of the plating film depends on Pd ion, Ni ion concentration, bath temperature, current density, and PH, proper control of these is necessary.

Film hardness

Pure Pd plating ・ ・ ・ HV250 ~ 300

Pd-Ni plating ・ ・ ・ HV330 ~ 380

Actual film thickness

Actual maximum film thickness 5 μm

Silver-white appearance, electrical conductivity, low contact resistance,

Has excellent corrosion resistance.

Processable material

Stainless steel, iron, copper, silver, nickel silver, titanium

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Q. SCM440​ We are considering palladium nickel plating for our products. Is it possible?

A. Palladium nickel plating cannot be applied directly to the SCM440 material, so it is necessary to apply electrolytic nickel plating or electroless nickel plating to the base, but palladium plating is possible.


Q. We are considering plating nickel and palladium nickel alloys on brass materials.

Is it possible?

A. We can handle plating for inquiries.

I would like to confirm the shape and quantity, so could you please send me a drawing or an illustration?


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