Antifouling and non-adhesive

Antifouling property is a function to prevent dirt.

It is hard to get dirty and can be easily removed even if it gets dirty.

As non-adhesive, the metal surface must have low surface energy surface properties.

For this purpose, composite plating is effective in which a fluorine polymer with low adhesive energy: PTFE or graphite fluoride is dispersed in a nickel plating bath and co-deposited.

This plated surface has low surface energy and is modified to have non-adhesive releasable surface properties.

In plastic molding dies, the resin material is poured into the cavity surface and hardened, so surface treatment with good mold release is required.

Hard chrome plating (industrial chrome plating) has been applied to molds for a long time because it has high film hardness and excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

However, the development of engineered plastics, heat resistance when the molding temperature rises, corrosion due to halogens and additives, etc. have become issues, and electroless composite nickel containing a fluoropolymer (Teflon) with non-adhesive and self-lubricating properties has become an issue. Plating has come to be used, and it is applied to resin molding dies, metal press dies, push dies, etc.

[Plating treatment effective for antifouling and non-adhesiveness]
Teflon non-electrolytic composite plating

An electroless composite plating that combines the functionality of a metal with a highly self-lubricating and non-adhesive fluorine polymer (Teflon: PTFE).

It is used for injection molding nozzles and resin molding dies.

Hard chrome plating

A hard chrome plating (industrial chrome plating) film is a film with a beautiful bluish silver-white color tone, and has excellent corrosion resistance in the atmosphere.

Electroless nickel

The electroless plating film is a nickel-phosphorus alloy containing a few percent phosphorus in a nickel-based film, which is harder than the nickel-plated film obtained by electroplating and has excellent corrosion resistance.


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