Reasons to be chosen

Thank you for your interest in us. Here, we will describe a part of the inside story that happened with the founding of our company.

Connection behind the scenes --April sales activities started--

[First crisis]

On the end of April, I took a commercially available antipyretic because of poor physical condition, but the high fever of about 40 ° C did not go down.

After taking the antipyretic prescribed at the hospital, generalized urticaria developed after several tens of minutes.

The next day, I went to another hospital for the purpose of a second pinion.

As a result of the blood test, the liver value was incredibly high, so I got a letter of introduction to a big hospital on the spot and moved as it was.

Examination again at a large hospital ... Result ... Immediate hospitalization.

Finally hospitalized for 40 days (disease name is drug-induced liver disorder)

It was a liver disorder due to the side effect of the drug.

I was finally discharged from the hospital in early June, but the previous month's sales were zero.

Even if there is a project that will be plated immediately from June, the payment will be at the end of the following month, which is a time when I feel a danger.

[Second crisis]

The timing of weight loss of stroids did not match, and urticaria occurred throughout the body.

Urticaria causes systemic development from the scalp to the soles of the feet, and the skin regenerates after the onset of urticaria.

The skin peels off, but the scalp, soles, and nails all peel off and regenerate.

When the soles of the feet are peeled off, the skin becomes thin, causing pain every time you walk.

Also, with all the skin on the hands peeled off, the hair is reduced to about one-third due to molting due to inflammation.

The loss of hair had various effects because it was the time to sweat in the summer, such as getting into the eyes because the eyebrows and eyelashes disappeared and the sweat could not stop at the eyebrows.

It took more than a year and the illness was completely cured

After that, he continues to the present with the help of clients who favor him.


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