In general, a hard film has many brittle properties, and there are disadvantages unique to a hard film such as the plating film being easily broken or broken.

There is a soft plating film to alleviate this disadvantage.

It is rare to select a plating film for the purpose of being too soft (flexibility), and it is not generally known, but a metal that is soft enough to be bent by hand is used as the plating film, and it has impact resistance. It is used for the purpose of preventing damage to molded products.

Specifically, how soft it is is that it becomes a delicate film that is soft enough to be scratched just by rubbing it with a cloth.

Therefore, the plating film is usually difficult to handle, but if you turn it over, it will not damage the other party, and it is effective when you want to avoid scratching the product side during inspection and transportation such as semiconductor related and hard disk related.

[Flexible and effective plating process]

Tin is a silver-white metal that is a soft and highly malleable plating film.

The film hardness is also a glossy film, which is very soft with about HV50, and it is a flexible plating film.

Gold plate

Gold plating is a process that is often used mainly for design purposes (design).

The hardness of the plating film is as soft as HV60-90, and it is a film with excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.

Copper plating

The copper plating film HV50-200 obtained by electroplating is used as a base for nickel plating and chrome plating, and is used for the purpose of mitigating impact resistance from the outside and mitigating thermal expansion of the plating film.

Silver plate

The silver-plated film is a metal with a Vickers hardness of 60 to 100, which is extremely soft and has excellent malleability. It has the best electrical conductivity of 1.60 μΩcm and thermal conductivity of 427 W / m · k (at 25 ° C). ..


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