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Pure palladium plating

We can handle up to a maximum film thickness of 4 μm.

Palladium metal (Pd), which belongs to platinum metal, is a precious metal with a melting point of 1555 ° C, a density of 12.16 g / cm3, a Vickers hardness of HV250 to 300, and a face-centered cubic structure. is.
Pure palladium plating maintains the noble color tone peculiar to the platinum group, is non-rusting, non-discoloring, and has high chemical stability in the atmosphere and is not attacked by acids and alkalis.

Pure palladium plating film is non-magnetic and has excellent electrical conductivity and solderability, so it is generally used for electronic parts such as switch parts and connector parts.

Electroplating (precious metal)

We offer various precious metal plating such as pure gold plating (24 gold plating), silver plating, pure palladium plating, palladium nickel alloy plating (nickel palladium alloy plating), and rhodium plating.

We are especially good at thick plating of precious metals.

Gold plated (Au)

Silver plating (Ag)

Palladium plating (Pb)

Please feel free to contact us as some of the processes not listed are available for trial production.Please feel free to contact us for palladium alloy plating, zinc nickel alloy plating, iron plating, permalloy plating, etc.)


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Palladium plating


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