Details of electroless nickel plating

The electroless plating film is a nickel-phosphorus alloy containing a few percent phosphorus in a nickel-based film, which is harder than the nickel-plated film obtained by electroplating.

The hardness of the electroless nickel plating film is around HV500 in the precipitated state, but the nickel phosphorus compound (Ni3P) is precipitated and hardened by heat treatment at 300 to 400 ° C , reaching the maximum hardness of HV900 to 1000, which is about that of stainless steel. It is 4 times harder.

The film hardness of electroless nickel reaches the maximum hardness around 400 ° C, and the film hardness gradually decreases from there, but it is possible to keep the extremely hard state of 800HV even at 500 ° C.

The tensile strength, internal stress, magnetic properties, film structure, etc. of electroless nickel plating (nickel phosphorus alloy plating) vary greatly depending on the phosphorus content, and the ductility is 1.5 to 2.0% when the phosphorus content in the film is 11%. The maximum elongation of is obtained, and the elongation rate decreases when the phosphorus content deviates from this.

The density of the film decreases as the phosphorus content increases.

Nickel-phosphorus alloy plating with a phosphorus content of 10% or more becomes amorphous and does not show magnetism.

Since the plating process is performed by chemical reduction without using an external power source, the plating thickness distribution is uniform and the plating film thickness does not increase locally like electroplating, so even parts with complicated shapes can be used. Can be plated with a uniform thickness.

Other characteristics are as follows.

(1) Excellent wear resistance.

(2) There are few pinholes in the plating film.

③ Soldering is possible

[Adoption example]

Precision equipment (camera mechanism parts)

Auto parts (brake, piston, cylinder, body, etc.)

Electronic components (transistor caps, bases, soldering applications, resistors)

Office machines (hubs, rollers, shafts for copiers)

Chemical equipment (valves, cocks, containers)

Resin molding machine (die, die, screw, crusher)

Others (food, medical equipment parts, aircraft)

We apply electroless nickel plating as a surface treatment for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and after plating, we can perform precision cleaning and packaging by precision cleaning (clean room class 1000).


​This is a cross-sectional observation of a product that has been die-cast aluminum with electroless nickel plating.














無電解ニッケルめっき(electroless plating)の皮膜は電気めっきで得られるニッケルめっき皮膜に比べ硬い皮膜になることが知られていますが、熱処理を加える事で更に皮膜硬度を高める事が可能です。


We have a track record of processing aluminum up to a size of 500 mm x 405 mm t86 mm.

* Please feel free to contact us regarding possible sizes.

We have a track record of processing iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper / copper alloys. Please contact us for other materials.

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・ Partial masking of products, polishing process, etc. are possible

・ Barrel plating can be used for products that cannot be attached to jigs, such as screws, nuts, and other small items.







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