Electrodeposition coating process

Electrodeposition coating is a coating method in which a product is immersed in a tank containing water-soluble or water-dispersible paint, and an anionic (+ pole) or cation (-pole) current is applied to the product.

Highly uniform coating is possible.

Excellent mass productivity because there is little color variation within the lot.

Details of electrodeposition coating


・ From the left, black, gray, brown, pink, wine red, green, blue

-Stainless steel with anion electrodeposition coating, the upper part is glossy and the lower part is matte (blast finish).

・ Please contact us for other colors.

Features of anion electrodeposition coating


① Many color variations

② There are few pinholes


(1) Materials such as copper / copper alloys and silver are solute.

Features of cationic electrodeposition coating


(1) Most metals can be processed.

(2) Since it can be processed at low temperature, distortion of the material is unlikely to occur.


① There are few color variations

(2) Pinholes are likely to occur.

Processable size

If it is a plate shape, it can process up to about A4 size.

Please contact us for size details.

Processable material

Please contact us for iron, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and other materials.

Partial masking of the product is possible.

Matte is also possible.





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