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Buffing details

Buffing is performed by applying an "abrasive" to a rotating buff.

Metal polishing "buff polishing" removes small scratches by manually polishing each one by a craftsman.

From general metals to aluminum die-cast, zinc die-cast, titanium and other difficult materials can be beautifully finished.

Please feel free to contact us as we can handle even one-of-a-kind items.

Please contact us as it is possible to polish resin materials.

We only support cleaning of products buffed by other companies. (Polishing residue removal, buff residue removal)

Buffing results Size Φ22 × 1327 Screw shaft


Before polishing (SUS304) After buffing (No. 1000 finish)

Processable size

Basically, we can handle any size that you can have, but depending on the shape, polishing may not be possible, so please contact us for details on the size.





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Q. Is it possible to electropolish a product made of aluminum ( A5052), 350 x 350 t 2.9 mm?

Is it possible to perform precision cleaning after electrolytic polishing?

A. The above processing is available.

Precision cleaning is also available in the clean room class 1000.


Q.  Material SUS329J4L Please quote buffing # 320 for one piece.

Buffing is only for the designated part.

A. I checked the drawing.

Buffing is partially available for surfaces that require buffing.


Q. Is it possible to support electrolytic polishing for pure molybdenum materials?

A. We can handle electrolytic polishing of molybdenum materials. We would appreciate it if you could send us a composition list that shows the detailed composition of the molybdenum material.


Q. Is it possible to handle beryllium copper material procurement, machining, surface polishing, buffing, and tin plating?

A. I have confirmed the drawing.

We can handle everything from material arrangement, machining, surface polishing, buffing, and tin plating.


Q. Is it possible to buff long screws?

Dimensions: Φ22 × 1327

Material: SUS304

A. Buffing is possible in terms of size.

Is it okay to finish it with a finish of about 1000?


Q. I have a product burned with a product that has been buffed with Emery Buff. What could be the cause?

A. When buffing, we use an oil-based abrasive to polish, but it is possible that we are using an abrasive with a low oil content.


Q. I am polishing aluminum products, but they may have deep scratches. Is there a way to prevent it?

A. When polishing aluminum or brass products, the accumulation of metal shavings on the buff surface increases, which may damage the product.

It is possible to suppress the occurrence of scratches by regularly removing the metal shavings accumulated on the buff surface.


Q. I would like to have a satin finish on the nickel-plated surface of ABS resin. Is it mechanically possible?

A. When performing a satin finish on the nickel-plated surface on ABS resin, the method using a flap type polished non-woven fabric wheel is suitable.


Q. Is it possible to make a straight hairline on an aluminum plate?

A. Hairline processing is possible with a belt sander, etc., and hairline processing by machining is also possible.

I would like to have a specific consultation.


Q. Is it possible to mirror the zinc die-cast (zinc die-cast: ZnDC) material by polishing?

A. Zinc die-cast material can be polished. Depending on the shape, we may not be able to handle it, so if you send us a drawing that shows the shape etc., we will consider whether it can be processed.


Q. Is it possible to polish only the outer circumference of the SUS430-TK material Φ16x1.2xL4000 with # 400?

A. It can be polished in terms of size.

We would appreciate it if you could check the quality by processing several of them first.

  12  ​

Q. I have a request for re-polishing a mirror-finished product from another company.

The finish is poor, and there are small scratches and polishing scratches when buffing.

Mirror polishing to stainless steel, is it possible?

A. We can also handle processed products from other companies.

If you have a sample you want, we will send it in the same package, or we will process several prototypes and process the remaining products after confirming the quality.

You can choose how to proceed, such as letting us do it.

  13   ​

Q. We are considering buffing a part of SUS304.

Is it possible to polish an inner diameter of about Φ10 x 15 mm?

A. Partial buffing of SUS304 is available.

Buffing is possible even for the inner diameter of about Φ10 x 15 mm.


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