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Past achievements Introducing past achievements such as materials and special plating films.
Precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, palladium, etc., all of which have low ionization tendency and are chemically stable. Introducing the details of other precious metals.

Even electroplated products for the purpose of functionality lose their value if they become rusty.

Introducing details about metal corrosion and corrosion protection.

There are various methods for measuring the film thickness.

Introducing the details of general film thickness measurement methods (electromagnetic method, eddy current method, electrolytic test method, fluorescent X-ray method).

We introduce the details of various corrosion resistance tests (neutral salt spray test, acetate spray test, cas test, ferroxyl test).

Introducing the details of JIS notation of anodized film "Alumite", corrosion resistance test (alkali dropping test, electromotive force measurement test), and wear resistance test (sand drop wear test, injection wear test, reciprocating motion wear test). I will.

Introducing the details of various environmental directives (RoHS directive, WEEE directive).

Surface roughness measurement is an essential item not only for controlling the finished state and appearance quality, but also for managing product life and mechanical efficiency. Introducing details about surface roughness.

Among various plating methods (electroplating, electroless plating, hot-dip plating, dry plating, etc.), we will introduce the details of typical electroplating and electroless plating.

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JIS H 0404 specifies the display method of electroplating.

* Includes autocatalytic electroless plating.

JIS H8615 stipulates electrochrome plating of effective surfaces performed on iron, steel and non-ferrous metal substrates for industrial purposes such as wear resistance.

JIS H8615 stipulates electroless nickel-phosphorus plating on effective surfaces applied to iron, steel and non-ferrous metal substrates for the purpose of corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

JIS H8619 stipulates electrotin plating on effective surfaces performed on metal substrates for the purpose of improving solder wettability and corrosion resistance of electrical parts.

Note) Includes electroplated gloss or matte or electroplated and then melt-glossed by melt treatment.

JIS H8626 stipulates nickel plating of effective surfaces and effective surfaces of electroformed nickel performed on steel and non-ferrous metal substrates for industrial purposes.

There are many types of aluminum alloy materials depending on the purpose in which they are actually used, and they have various characteristics.

When performing surface treatment, it is necessary to understand the properties of the aluminum alloy material used.


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