Aluminum alloy material

There are many types of aluminum alloy materials depending on the purpose in which they are actually used, and they have various characteristics.

When performing surface treatment, it is necessary to understand the properties of the aluminum alloy material used.

Aluminum alloy types and symbols

In general, not all metals, not just aluminum, are 100% pure and always contain some other elements. Since the properties of the metal, that is, strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, etc., vary greatly depending on what kind of element is contained and how much, the type and amount of other elements contained in it are specified, and it is called an aluminum alloy. I will.

Regarding other elements in aluminum, the elements added because of the need to make an alloy are called components, and although they are not intentionally added, those that are mixed in the alloy because they are present in the bullion are called components. It is called an impurity. When defining an alloy, the range of components is defined as A% to B%, and if too many impurities affect the original properties of the alloy, it is defined as C% or less.

Some elements are defined as components by alloys, but are often regarded as impurities in other alloys. For example, copper is treated as a component in 2000 series alloys such as duralumin, but pure aluminum and 5000 series alloys. Is treated as an impurity.

Aluminum alloy materials include wrought materials and castings (die castings) depending on the manufacturing and processing method, and each is distinguished by its composition.

Aluminum alloy wrought material (JIS H4000) Unit%

アルミニウム合金展伸材(JIS H4000)1085,1080,1070,1050,1100,120,1N00,1N30,2014,2017,2219,2024,3003,3203,3004,3104,3005,3105,5005,5052,5652,5154,5254,5454,5082,5182,5083,5086,5N01,6061,7075,7N01

Aluminum alloy casting (JIS H5202) Unit%

アルミニウム合金鋳物(JIS H5202)AC1,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5,AC7,AC8,AC9
​アルミニウム合金ダイカスト(JIS H5202)ADC1,ACC3,ADC5,ADC6,ADC10,ADC12,ADC14

Aluminum alloy die casting (JIS H5202) Unit%


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